Construction Management

Construction Management Includes:

  •  Systematic Pre-Qualification of Subcontractors, Vendors, and Tradesmen: Each company and individual working on your project has been carefully selected by KDW for their skill and expertise.
  • Daily Administration of the Jobsite: This includes exacting maintenance of work scope, schedules, construction workflow, tradesmen/vendor relationships, and budget parameters.
  • Contingency Plans: While our construction teams are focused on the methodical completion of your project, we never fail to prepare for the unexpected. Taking into account potential weather delays, labor issues, and materials shortages, our contingency plans keep us one step ahead of costly scheduling hold-ups.
  •  Guaranteed Quality: At KDW, we complete your project on time – without sacrificing quality. We accurately define the project scope, eliminate wasteful processes, and maintain critical timelines through careful planning. The result is a project that meets your expectations, schedule, and budget.